Thursday, October 3, 2013

Single page coptic journal binding!

I discovered how to make single-sheet sewn book/art journals. Single page coptic stitch binding.

It is nice because I can use the paper I have instead of having to go buy stuff twice the width to get the size I want in a folded binding - pamphlet binding.

It involves a LOT more sewing, but I think I'll be very happy once I really get the hang of it. I'm working on the thick chipboard covers, which are from the pads of 90lb watercolor paper.  These will be used with 140lb paper.  I'll be making several smaller journals with the 90lb to practice.

I'll be using one of the chipboard bound journals for Book of Days 2014.  I hope to do Lifebook 2014, I'll have to wait to see what the class fee is.

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